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  • United Kingdom

    Service: Special Educational Need, Home Schooling, Holiday or Travelling Tuition, Mentoring and Wellbeing

    Age Range: From 5 to 11


    The family needed specialist home schooling support for their 10 year old daughter who was on the Autistic spectrum. They had tried small independent and specialist schools but the provision was not right for their daughter, causing acute unhappiness.


    We introduced two specialist home schooling tutors who travelled from London to Surrey to deliver a specialist home schooling programme of support. We built a programme of support that included trips, art classes and occupational therapy which were incorporated into her home schooling programme and transport delivered by her tutors. Her tutors created an ideal home schooling environment within the home and prepared the student for the emotional challenges of attending a new school. Over an academic year, her wellbeing and attainment improved significantly and she was able to attend a new secondary school that was suited to her.