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  • Jeddah

    Service: Special Educational Need, Home Schooling, Holiday or Travelling Tuition, Mentoring and Wellbeing

    Age Range: From 5 to 11


    We supported a Saudi boy who had mild autism combined with a significant processing delay. As a result, he was unable to cope in a school setting. The family had all but given up on his education.


    A team of two tutors established an engaging and adaptive Home School programme that would last for many years, until the boy could access the mainstream curriculum. With work split between London and Jeddah, extensive use was made of the sights and sounds of each city to bring school work to life and make the boy feel happy and engaged. Working in conjunction with a Harley Street SPLD specialist, the tutors supported the boy sufficiently for his confidence to grow and for him to be admitted to a London senior school where he graduated with several GCSE’s and a B-Tec.