Getting the most out of your boarding school experience

The transition from family home to boarding school is a major change in anyone’s life. Your “boarding school plus” mentor will help you to settle into and get the most out of your time at a UK boarding school.  A “boarding school plus” mentor supports your child through this and enhances their experience of study in the UK.  A mentor will visit your child in your family home before school, typically for one to two weeks toward the end of the summer holidays. This provides an opportunity to prepare academically, develop English language skills and answer any question; no matter how big or small. What might a typical day will look like? How easy will it be to make friends? What will the food be like? What if I’m not sporty? What cultural differences should I know about before arrival?

The mentor also welcomes a child to their school; a friendly face that provides continuity with the home environment. They can help your child throughout their time at school and support both him/her and you with gap year, GCSE, A-level and University decisions. Mentors play a unique role for their students – much like a career coach in later life – that is very different to a teacher, guardian or parent. They are someone that your child can relate to but independent of their immediate school or domestic context.

Adapting academically and developing spoken English

Even the brightest child can face challenges adapting to a different academic curriculum and approach to learning, and getting used to spoken English at a UK boarding school.  The curricula of different countries vary, so some countries teach – for example – trigonometry earlier than others. These differences can be identified early and addressed before arrival to ease a child’s academic transition. UK boarding schools teach in a very different way to many other schools. They are far less structured and formulaic than your child may be used to and emphasize skills like independent thinking.  In addition, even students at top of their English language class struggle with the English spoken in boarding schools. Slang, the speed of speech and presentation skills prove particular challenges.

A “boarding school plus” mentor will create a personalised programme for the one or two weeks they spend with your child, to prepare him/ her for their boarding school. Your mentor can also provide academic and English language support on an ongoing basis.

We can put you in touch with SLTA’s network of specialist tutors, if your child requires subject-specific support or has special educational needs.

“Boarding school plus” programme rates as part of our international tuition services:


We offer the following courses:

  • One to two week “before you start” programmes *
  • Termly mentoring packages **
  • Additional support on hourly basis

£1650 per week* £770 per term** on request

* At your family home. London study centre available on request. Any mentor travel or accommodation costs are additional.

** Based on one hour per week over an eleven week term.

For further information, please call +4402073501981