Why online learning and tutoring is a necessity in 2021

Learning and schooling has changed for the foreseeable future, if not forever.

In Scotland, children in the first three years of primary school have returned to the classroom this week, and schools across England and Wales will be welcoming students back over the coming months. Undoubtedly, this is good news for parents and students alike. However, after almost a year of adapting to the unprecedented learning conditions that the coronavirus has created, some families will be wondering if a return to ‘normal’ is truly the best path forward for their children’s education. 

Online learning has proved an essential tool for maintaining continuity of education, and even historically inflexible private schools have been forced to evolve.

The benefits of online learning go beyond reaching students at home during a lockdown: parents who have to travel for work, children whose extracurricular commitments take them away from school, and international students preparing to move to the U.K. can all access the same quality of education via online platforms. Coupling this with private lessons tailored to the specific needs of the family has been a popular approach across the globe, as statistics on the uptake of online tutoring show.

For boarding school students in particular, the reopening of schools does not hold the same promise for all. Families based around the world who returned home at the start of the pandemic still face the risks and obstacles that come with international travel, and some may choose to stay put until they can be sure of a safe and convenient return to the U.K. Teachers will be moving their focus to classroom lessons, increasing the need for supplementary learning for students unable to be there in person. Private tutors can accommodate irregular schedules and work across time zones, meaning that their students continue to benefit from engaging and effective lessons no matter where they are based. 

This is a promising outcome for children and teenagers who are pursuing a career in sport, acting, music, and a host of other paths that make attending regular school difficult and, at times, impossible. The pandemic has forced some families to consider a permanent relocation overseas, where tournaments, agents, and other resources are more readily available. The Polo Times has recently published an article on how young British Polo players are increasingly likely to move to Argentina, Australia, and the UAE. Knowing that lessons can continue uninterrupted thanks to the flexibility of online learning takes a lot of pressure off previously complex decisions around how and what to prioritise. 


The personal aspect of private tuition is also a key benefit for families that have to move abroad, whether for the children’s or the parents’ careers, or for personal reasons. For agencies like Simply Learning Tuition, introducing a family to a tutor that matches the child’s learning style and personality is of utmost importance; learning from someone who inspires and understands you is a fantastic way of boosting confidence as well as grades. Online learning means that families can avoid the hassle of starting afresh with someone new once this connection has been established, and provides the student with reassuring continuity at a moment of change in their lives. 

It is easy to overlook the benefits of online learning for people based in the U.K., for whom travel will remain inconvenient even after the current restrictions are lifted. Students who have returned to boarding schools will be faced once again with an incredibly demanding schedule: even weekly boarders often only spend one day a week at home. Meeting with a personal tutor online means students can be supported in their school work throughout the term without having to sacrifice time spent relaxing and recharging, or having to wait until the school holidays to catch up. The younger generation are typically more digitally literate than adults, and with a year’s practice of using educational technology, adding online lessons to their weekly schedule is easier than ever. 

It goes without saying that the best tutor is not always the closest one. A report published before the pandemic showed that over a quarter of students in the U.K. have used a private tutor, but the figures change dramatically if we look locally: 41% of students in London were getting extra help, compared to just 14% in Wales. Making the most of modern educational technology, we can be highly selective when making introductions, picking from a larger pool of tutors to ensure that we connect you with the best possible person for the job, whether that is a PhD in Oxford, an SAT specialist in Boston MA, or a London-based tutor connecting with someone taking their A Levels in Newcastle. It also means that we are able to provide international families with the opportunity to connect with a U.K.-based tutor to prepare them for the daunting process of applying to independent schools. Their first-hand knowledge and specialist insights means that the student can prepare for the move ahead of time, and arrive at their new school feeling confident and ready to settle in. 

There are many reasons why the flexibility and innovation of online learning might be the best solution to your educational needs.

The past year has shown that there is no need for distance to impact a child’s chance to learn from someone who inspires them. Simply Learning Tuition is committed to making an innovative, adaptable and effective learning environment accessible to all. As many students return to a school structure in which they can thrive, we are here to ensure that the new channels of education that have benefited so many remain open into the future.  

At Simply Learning Tuition we can introduce tutors of the highest calibre to help with all parts of your child’s home education. If you would like to discuss tutoring, would welcome some advice on how to best support your child, or the latest updates in education, please do not hesitate to contact us.