Tutor The Nation

Our founder, Nathaniel McCullagh, is a trustee of new charity, Tutor The Nation, that is set to reduce ‘learning gaps’ for disadvantaged children.


Photo credit Rii Schroder / Telegraph

Our founder, Nathaniel McCullagh, has helped set up and is a trustee of a charity that is set to reduce ‘learning gaps’ for disadvantaged children. Launched in 2020, Tutor The Nation is a charitable platform inviting undergraduates, postgraduates, and recent graduates from the UK’s top universities to volunteer to provide online tuition for disadvantaged young people in the State sector.

Christian, one of the tutors helping children who are at risk of being left behind

Nathaniel has taught children of a wide range of ages and abilities, from Eton scholars to children facing challenges, such as dyspraxia and Asperger’s syndrome. He believes passionately in the effectiveness of carefully managed one-to-one tuition, which has inspired him to be involved in bringing Tutor The Nation to life. Volunteers are encouraged to tutor for just one hour a week aiming to give their tutees the confidence and tools to perform better academically and to nurture their future aspirations.

Areyan, a young pupil being helped via Tutor the Nation

The charity is growing rapidly as undergraduates from Oxford, Cambridge and other Russell Group Universities begin to offer their tuition services, joining the growing cohort of full-time teachers and tutors nationwide. Says Nathaniel, “Unlike many other catch-up initiatives, Tutor The Nation follows a purely altruistic model, whereby both students and tutors benefit from their experience and there is no cost whatsoever to the schools. We are creating a ‘giving back’ movement that we believe will perpetuate long after the pandemic.”

Tutor The Nation is currently working with two hundred students across five state schools in Bolton who have put forward the pupils they believe are most in need of tuition. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. The service is now being rolled out nationwide. We know from experience the benefits that tuition can offer, and therefore volunteer tuition will be a massive step in right direction to begin narrowing the gap in opportunities for British school children.

Please do get in touch with Nathaniel- nathaniel@simplylearningtuition.co.uk – if you would like to be involved as a tutor. Visit https://tutorthenation.org/ for more information.