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SLT Partnership with Antilophia Travel

We are delighted to announce that Simply Learning Tuition has partnered with Antilophia, one of the world’s leading providers of bespoke luxury travel services, to offer first-class travelling tutors to accompany families on their travels.

Antilophia and Simply Learning Tuition Partnership

Antilophia deliver carefully crafted luxury travel experiences within Africa & the Indian Ocean and Latin America & Antartica. Their handpicked, tailor-made immersive travel packages have proved incredibly popular with guests who want to ensure their children come away with a truly memorable cultural experience. Now, thanks to their partnership with Simply Learning Tuition, Antilophia’s clients can feel rest assured that their children’s academic achievements don’t slide while they are away. They can also make the most of the unique learning opportunities that travelling to some of the world’s most exotic and remote locations, with a private tutor, affords.

SLT tutors are committed to ensuring every child fulfils their potential and by working one-to-one they can instil a confidence in children that can be truly transformative. They have extensive experience teaching as part of a travelling family; a selection of case studies can be seen here.

SLT tutors are not only highly experienced in teaching core subjects at all levels – from numeracy and literacy in young children to preparing young adults for university entrance exams – but they can also prepare academic tours based around your family’s itinerary, using the destinations you visit as pillars around which to teach.

Antilophia Founder, Lucy Slater, believes there’s a natural synergy between conservation focused, immersive holidays and private tuition: “Our clients benefit tremendously from the support of a professional tutor who travels with them,” she says. “With clients and friends having used SLT’s services for many years, I feel confident to recommend them.”

Family on holiday with private tutor

SLT founder, Nathaniel McCullagh, says: “I remember fondly my various experiences as a private tutor travelling with a family on holiday – living in close quarters with the family and being able to bring the learning to life as we moved from one country to another, from the Scottish wilderness to the ski slopes.” The tutors we place are carefully chosen to blend in with the family, being both educators and role models who are part guest, part staff and always fit in seamlessly.

Bespoke tuition and holiday packages

With programmes tailored to each family’s needs, the SLT and Antilophia partnership will broaden every child’s horizons. In many cases, tuition can also be delivered online for families who would rather not have a tutor travelling with them.

Sol y Luna Foundation

Supporting Educational Charities

Both SLT and Antilophia are passionate about growing awareness of educational initiatives which aim to protect rural communities for future generations. Teaching around these initiatives can be incorporated into your child’s holiday and can be of direct benefit to their curriculum coursework or university applications.

SLT supports micro finance charity Shivia while Antilophia is a key ambassador for the Sol y Luna hotel, school, and foundation, located in Peru’s Sacred Valley. The Sol y Luna Foundation provides education and essential support to children who suffer from extreme poverty. Founded by Petit and Franz, a French-Swiss couple who relocated to Peru, the foundation has made a profound impact on countless lives.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you’d like to discuss how we can support your child on an Antilophia holiday. If you would like to get in touch with Antilophia, please call +44 (0)20 7096 3477 or visit