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Our Review of Parsons Green Prep School

Our education consultants frequently review the UK’s leading independent schools so that they can give you the most up-to-date advice when selecting the best school for your child. In this article, we review Parsons Green Prep School, highlighting its key strengths. If you are considering Parsons Green Prep School for your child but are not sure if this is the best option for your family and child’s academic requirements, please contact one of our education consultants.

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Parsons Green Prep School is a co-educational independent day school in the heart of Fulham for children aged 4-11 years old. Nestled on a quiet street between Bishop’s Park and Parson Green tube, the small site combines both Victorian and modern architecture. With its bright and cosy atmosphere and outdoor space, it has the welcoming feel of a small village school, something which Headmaster Matthew Faulkner takes pride in.

Children start in Reception with a typical intake of 44 students, chiefly from Fulham’s surrounding nurseries. Occasional places are offered for students joining in Years 1 to 6. The school has approximately 200 pupils in total, with each year consisting of anywhere between 12-20 children. The school encourages its small, warm family feel by offering a discount for siblings who go onto attend.

The school is relatively young having been founded in 2001. However, it has already established itself as an academic frontrunner with students regularly departing its halls to continue their studies at London’s top institutions, such as Latymer Upper, Francis Holland and City of London to name but a few. There is no doubt Parsons Green Prep School is certainly living up to its motto to, “Strive for Excellence”.

Early Years students will develop in a fun, visual and stimulating environment, with more structured learning in the morning followed by creative learning in the afternoon. Their outdoor space includes a hut for Art and reading, a sandpit, play shop and fire station. Bright and visual teaching programmes, are used to create colourful and engaging lessons, helping to fully equip students with the tools they will need as they move into the older years.

The creative curriculum continues up the school, with learning themes linked across subjects to encourage a broader, more holistic learning process. Several of these themes or ‘projects’ are studies throughout the year. For example, on our visit, Year 4 were studying the topic of Chocolate, which saw them bridge the gaps between History, Geography and Design Technology through study of The Aztecs and South America, and by designing their own Chocolate wrappers.

Independent thinking and questioning is strongly encouraged at Parsons Green Prep School. They follow Philosophy for Children and set aside Friday assembly as ‘thinking Friday.’ This promotion of considered thought and reasoning extends into extra-curricular activities, with Chess being one of the most popular, starting as young as Year 1 with the ‘Chesslings’ club.

Sport plays an important, though less dominant, role in the children’s day-to-day school life. The on-site AstroTurf provides a great space for the younger years who have two hours a week set aside for various activities and ball games. Years 3-6 also have one hour of sport a week, using the local Hurlingham Park as their destination of choice, as well as many other surrounding parks in the area. Swimming, netball, running and football are all on offer as after-school clubs.

Parsons Green Prep School has a calm, quiet and happy atmosphere. The majority of the students live locally and there is a strong sense of community and care amongst the staff and pupils alike. The school strives to ensure each individual student is happy and is flourishing in their education. This care extends to advising on the children’s next steps in their academic journey.

Matthew Faulkner always communicates openly and realistically with parents about suitable schools for their child, collaborating closely with them to consider the right destination schools and temper their expectations of the competitive 11+. The school works with tuition agencies and estimates that half of its students receive additional support in preparation for the 11+ exams. (At Simply Learning Tuition, we introduce the highest calibre of private tutors with extensive experience of 11 plus exams to help your child.)