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Simply Learning Tuition has been advising families on every part of their child’s education for nearly ten years and we often hear the same concerns and queries. This page addresses many of those questions and offers advice on a wide range of topics – from SMART goals for the new school year to essential homework tips and much more.

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    A Guide to the 11 Plus

    Discover our top tips for the 11 Plus in this article - from when your child should start preparing for their exam to how to find an 11 Plus tutor and more expert advice.

  • hampton-court-house-school-review

    Our Review of Hampton Court House School

    If you are considering sending your son or daughter to Hampton Court House School, please read our independent review to determine whether it is suited to their personality and learning style.

  • 13-plus-thumbnail

    13 Plus Exam Tips

    Read our top tips on how to help your child prepare for their 13+ Common Entrance Exam so that they can secure a place at one of the UK’s leading schools.

  • emanuel-school-review

    Our Review of Emanuel School

    If you are considering sending your son or daughter to Emanuel School in London, find out everything you need to know in this article.

  • summer-learning-loss-thumbnail

    How to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

    Discover our top ten tips for stopping Summer Learning Loss in its tracks before the summer break begins - from challenging your child to a reading contest to stimulating their mind with puzzles.

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