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Our Review of Lyndhurst House School

We regularly review the UK’s leading independent schools, as part of our Education Consultancy service. In this article, we review Lyndhurst House School, a Pre-Preparatory and Preparatory School for boys aged 4 to 13 years. If you want more information about the school, or want to discuss school options for your child please contact one of our education consultants today.

Lyndhurst House is a Pre-Preparatory and Preparatory School for boys aged 4 to 13 years. The School has an excellent record of achievement at Common Entrance and Scholarship level, particularly with the major London Independent Schools. The School offers a dynamic and driven environment where boys are encouraged to be self-confident and take responsibility for their learning. It is an exceptional school for preparing boys for the demands of senior school as they are equipped with plenty of transferable skills throughout their time at Lyndhurst House.

Aside from striving for academic excellence, the boys are also nurtured around a clear set of morals and community values within the school. They are encouraged to be open and discuss their feelings, look out for one another, and find enjoyment in their education. During mental health awareness week this year they got the opportunity to grow their own plants and go out on wellness walks between lessons. A common theme agreed among parents and pupils alike is that Lyndhurst House offers a warm, safe environment in which boys are able to develop a number of different talents while receiving an excellent early education.

Andrew Reid has been Headmaster since 2008 and is well-respected within the school community. He has extremely good knowledge of the top senior schools in the surrounding area and is able to offer fantastic guidance to parents when it comes to deciding their child’s next school. Andrew ensures that the boys are well prepared for their 11+ exams, not only for the core subjects of Maths and English, but also honing their verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills. He builds strong rapport with the boys through early morning greetings, Friday assemblies, and the odd classroom teaching appearance. When it comes to interview practice for the older boys he insists on bringing in an external interview specialist to ask the questions. This added element of pressure sets the boys up for success. 

The school prepares boys for entry into major London Independent Schools including, City of London, St Paul’s, Highgate, UCS, Mill Hill and Westminster. Every year a few of them gain academic scholarships, most recently, in 2021, to Merchant Taylors’ and St Albans. 

During the early years (reception, Y1 & Y2) lessons are taught by a classroom teacher who is supported by a teaching assistant. The emphasis is on following a full and broad curriculum, covering many different aspects of Literacy and Numeracy, with additional topic work in History, Geography and Science. They also have time in the afternoon for Sport, Art, Music and French. As the boys progress through the school, their lessons are taught by subject specialists. During the three senior years, the classes are split into smaller groups, with Ancient Greek as an option for those in the top group, and Latin for all those in Y5 onwards. The school offers SEN support for those children that need additional support or maybe just the odd booster session. These support sessions may take the form of an individualised online programme to boost gaps or consolidate prior learning, or they may be small group sessions with the Head of Learning Support with the aim of accelerating progress in an identified area. 

Lyndhurst House offers a strong pastoral system where the children feel supported and pushed by the adults around them. Staff are approachable and friendly but also ensure that a high standard of behaviour is met among pupils. There are three houses: Keats, Seacole and Winton. The names of these houses were updated in 2020 in light of the Black Lives Matter movement, promoting positivity and diversity. There are regular house meetings, house assemblies, and inter-House competitions fostering teamwork, leadership and presentation skills.

The school has an extensive inter-school fixture list giving the boys a chance to play sport competitively with children from other schools. The fixture list caters for boys of different ages and abilities giving everyone the chance to get involved. At the appropriate times of the year, the main games will include football, rugby, cricket, athletics, running, and some tennis during the summer. For those that don’t enjoy mainstream sport there are also regular clubs held including street dance, yoga, volleyball and table tennis. 

Lyndhurst House offers a well-rounded and action packed early education, catering for the individual needs of each child, whether that be a pure academic or a music scholar. New boys quickly feel part of the community and begin to excel through the school and eventually onto their senior schools.

Listen to Lyndhurst House’s virtual open day below where Headmaster, Andrew Reid, discusses the school and answers parent’s questions.

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