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How to Untap Your Child’s Imagination in Creative Writing


We met with private tutor Rebecca Stonehill, author of The Poet’s Wife, The Girl and the Sunbird, and The Secret Life of Alfred Nightingale, to discuss how you can untap your child’s imagination for Creative Writing. We have introduced Rebecca to many of our families over the years, helping to unlock their child’s imagination and to teach them the art of creative writing. If your child requires additional support with their creative writing, we introduce the highest calibre of private tutors for after-school, online and residential tuition. Please call one of our tuition consultants today for more information.

At primary school in England, I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful English teacher who brought language and literature alive for me – she encouraged me to write ambitious stories, create and recite poems without inhibition and read voraciously. I’ve never forgotten her and the impact she had on my love of words.

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Many children are turned off writing because they believe they can’t do it; that they are no good at it. I don’t accept this. I believe that every child can write because every child possesses a wonderful imagination and it is up to the teacher to tap into and harness these creative capabilities innate to each and every child. A number of times I have sat with a child who has said, ‘I don’t know what to write’. Yet, as soon as I ask them to vocalise their ideas, they spill out freely. My point is that there often exists a block between ideas generated and the ability to scribe these thoughts. One reason for this ‘blockage’ is a child’s fear of being wrong in various ways, for example making spelling mistakes, not forming sentences correctly and not being able to bring together the myriad of ideas that flow free and unharnessed in the mind and the formation of these thoughts onto paper.

Children must be given an environment to write in which they feel unrestricted by the fear of failure, so whilst spelling and grammar is of course important, this can be consolidated and internalised at a later stage. Another key factor in unleashing the floodgates so that children are literally longing to get pen to paper, is finding topics that interest a particular group of children. Has your child been particularly intrigued by a science topic on space? Ask them to write a first-person diary entry of an astronaut on a mission to Mars.

Introducing your child to a private tutor for creative writing can have a significant and long-lasting impact on your child’s English studies. Please call one of our tuition consultants or use our online enquiry form further down this page to be introduced to a tutor suited to your child’s personality and learning requirements.

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