Our Review of Clifton Lodge School

We have travelled around the country to review the UK’s leading independent schools, as part of our Advice for Parents blog. One of the schools we had the pleasure of visiting was Clifton Lodge School in Ealing, West London. If you are interested in sending your child to this school or wish to find a school similar to Clifton Lodge, please call one of our education consultants today.

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Clifton Lodge School is an independent prep school for boys and girls aged 3 to 13. The school is small, welcoming and takes the time to really get to know each of its pupils and their families. This not only helps the children feel safe and secure, but it encourages a friendly, inclusive environment.

The school is dedicated to providing the perfect educational experience for every student with specialist subject and age group teachers in both the Lower School and Upper School. Every one of these teachers appears to be engaging and inspiring.

Class size varies depending on the year group with classes becoming smaller and more rigorous as the children progress. The girls and some boys leave the school once they have they have completed their 11+ exams. The remaining boys are then fully prepared for their 13+ Common Entrance exams. It is Headmaster Mr Steadman’s wish to see more boys join the school and continue to 13. Unfortunately, the current SEN provision is limited and needs work despite recruiting an Inclusion Manager in 2015 to oversee SEN, English as an additional language and to provide support for Gifted and Talented children.

Sport is a high priority at Clifton Lodge School. This is no surprise, given Mr Steadman is the previous captain of the Saracens. The Early Reception and Reception classes take games lesson in the school’s main building. Students from year 2 onwards are alternatively taken to a nearby sports ground for games and athletics, and visit a nearby swimming pool for swimming lessons from specialist swim coaches.

Mr Steadman’s has thorough knowledge of schools in London and surrounding areas. This is of real value to parents anxious about selecting the right senior school for their child. Every student also has a progress chart hand drawn by the Headmaster himself, which tracks every area of the student’s performance. This provides parents with a realistic picture of their child’s academic ability to establish which schools are most suitable for them to apply for.

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