Back to School Advice

‘Back to school’ comes with positives and challenges, we’ve collated some advice that we think will be helpful.



Catch up advice for pre-Prep and Preparatory school pupils

Learning loss is most acute in primary aged children. Findings from the largest report into the impact of the pandemic on primary school children was released by Juniper last month. They found that children are underperforming compared to previous years, and identified that younger children took longer to recover lost learning when they returned to school in September 2020. Teachers will be working hard to consolidate online learning and bridge the gaps in pupil progression, and we recommend that parents help wherever possible, perhaps by spending some extra time helping with homework or revision. Working one to one with an experienced private tutor is another way to accelerate the narrowing of ‘learning gaps’, while also allowing time to focus on specific subject areas.

Wellbeing advice for Senior school pupils

Teenagers returning to school might have more worries than their younger peers. Some will be concerned about catching up and reintegrating into their friendship groups. The pandemic has had a negative impact on many children’s self-esteem. Promoting good mental health practices at home, such as meditation, sleep hygiene, and building resilience will help.

Guidance on the new GCSE and A-Level assessment techniques

Our Education Consultants are working with families and tutors to help them prepare pupils for a variety of assessment methods. Working with the right tutor will guide your child through this process as well as continuing to build the knowledge required for them to cope with the rigorous academic challenges of their next examinations or at University. Our recent blog post on ‘Summer 2021 GCSE and A-Level assessments’ contains specific information on how students will be assessed, including home schooled pupils.

It hasn’t all been bad; some positives from lockdown education

Professor of Education John Hattie has highlighted that learning at home may have had a positive impact on key skills, such as independence, and even attainment for some children. Hattie encourages schools to consider the individual circumstance of each child before making assumptions about pupil progress.

Why are some parents continuing with home schooling?

The pandemic has brought into question choices about lifestyle, and schooling. Some families are choosing to continue with the flexibility found during remote learning and we have seen an increase in the number of parents enquiring about home school programmes for their children. Many are questioning the perceived benefits of a more rigid school-based education against the flexible, personalised learning experience, that can fit better with a family’s individual lifestyle – whether for  a couple of years, as a, ‘change’ or to help address a specific need or circumstance. Simply Learning Tuition work with specialist home school tutors who are individually matched to your child, wherever you are, ensuring a positive experience and completion of national examinations, including GCSEs and A-Levels.


We would like to wish everyone’s children a safe return to their schools or universities. Our Education Consultants are always available to advise on any part of the academic journey.