A Parent’s Guide to GCSE Results Day

After two years of hard work, it’s no surprise that GCSE results day is nerve-wracking for both students and parents. While it could be a day of great celebration, it may leave your child feeling disappointed if they don’t meet their expected grades. To settle your family’s nerves, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about results day – from how to prepare for the big day to the option of retaking exams. If you need any further guidance or are searching for a GCSE tutor for your child, please contact one of our tuition consultants or use our online enquiry form further down this page.

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When is GCSE results day?

GCSE results day falls on Thursday 22nd August 2019.

How do you collect your child’s GCSE Results?

You will be able to collect your child’s results from their school in the morning. If you are unable to pick up the results in person, you can request for them to be sent via post or access them on your child’s school portal.

How do you prepare for the day?

It is important to be well prepared for results day. Be sure to know the school’s opening and closing times for results collection and who to contact with any questions and remark or retake requests you may have.

Can my child’s exam be remarked?

You will need to discuss with your child’s school whether their GCSE exam papers should be remarked. Before requesting a remark, the school will determine whether the marks are out of kilter or may even request a copy of the exam script to review it against the mark scheme. If they believe the exam needs to be remarked, they will contact the exam board on your behalf directly.

Please note essay-based exams, such as English and History, are marked subjectively, so a re-mark may push an exam paper over a higher-grade boundary. However, it is important to bear in mind that a remark could result in a lower score, so please consider this option carefully.

Can my child retake their GCSE exams?

Retaking an exam is certainly another option available to your child. This may be a good decision if your child has performed poorly in an exam due to unforeseen circumstances, or if one paper is pulling down the average of a GCSE grade.

Do take the time to consider the option of GCSE retakes, as they may interfere with your son’s or daughter’s Sixth Form studies. However, if it is one of the core subjects, such as Maths or English, or is linked to the subject they wish to study at University, a retake may be the best solution for your child.

It is also important to remember the ‘terminal assessment’ rule, which ensures 40% of the GCSE assessment takes place in the final sitting. This can big implications on retakes because the retaken exam mark may contribute to the final grade even if it is lower than the original mark. A GCSE grade may therefore be lower after a retake.

If your child does decide to retake a GCSE exam, they may benefit from additional support. We introduce the highest calibre of private tutors who specialise in all key GCSE subjects and are armed with experience of turning GCSE results around in exam retakes.

What’s next?

GCSE results day is a good point to reflect and think over future options for your child. They are a great guide for deciding between A Levels and the International Baccalaureate, in picking subject choices, or if results are lower than expected, whether Sixth Form or university are the best path for your child. Our education consultants offer independent advice to make these crucial decisions. If you need help mapping out your child’s future, speak to one of our consultants today.

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