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2023 Guide to A Level Results Day

A-Level results day can be an exciting and stressful time for students. This guide takes you through all of the essential details of the day and explains the various options available to your child once they have received their results.

When is A Level results day?

A Level Results are released on Thursday 17th August 2023 (England and Wales). Schools cannot reveal results ahead of 08.00 on this date.

Before results day

We advise parents and students to be prepared, focused and fast-moving. Conversations about each possible scenario and plans A, B and C will help reduce stress during the day. Our article on preparing for UCAS Clearing contains useful tips for preparing for several results scenarios. 

Receiving results

  • Each school has different arrangements, but most schools welcome students to collect their results in person.
  • Many schools will also publish the results on their online portal.

When will we find out if my child has got into their chosen university?

We suggest you check UCAS from 8am on results day morning to find out whether your child’s place has been accepted. Not only can this relieve the pressure, but it will also give you a good indication of their final grades.


What happens if your child meets the results of their ‘firm’ university offer?

Congratulations! The hard work paid off. It’s time to celebrate! Don’t worry about contacting their first-choice university to confirm their grades, as UCAS will automatically update soon after results are released to show that they have been accepted onto their chosen course and their University will be in touch directly about the next steps. To secure their preferred University accommodation, it is important to complete any administration requested by the University within good time. Students should keep an eye on their emails and check their junk boxes.

What happens if they don’t meet the results of their ‘firm’ university offer?

It is important for you all to remain positive, even if you are disappointed.

  • Check if your child has received an ‘Unconditional Changed Course’ offer. Their first choice university might have offered them a place on a different course.
  • If offered, accept a place with their ‘insurance’ university. In this case, no action is needed on results day.

What happens if my child doesn’t meet the results for their ‘insurance’ choice?

If your child doesn’t achieve the grades required for their ‘insurance’ university offer, they may be able to find another place through UCAS Clearing. Our comprehensive guide to using UCAS Clearing is available here.


If the ‘insurance’ or ‘clearing’ universities are not quite right for your son or daughter, they might consider retaking their A levels and reapplying to University for the following year. There are plenty of ways to retake one, or several A-Levels; we advise discussing this with your child’s school, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further advice.  A gap year will also allow your child to broaden their horizons, perhaps through travel, volunteering, work or other pursuits and projects. If your child decides to take a gap year, they will need to be ready to explain the value of doing so in their personal statements and interviews (for university and future employment).

Simply Learning Tuition’s education consultants work with students every year to help them plan for and navigate Clearing, A-Level retakes or reapplying to University. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help.

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