Our register of tutors is one of the most valued in the world.

From teachers with thirty years’ experience to the brightest young minds fresh from university, we can introduce you to the best tutor for your child. It doesn’t matter what subject they need help with, or why they need a tutor. We will find the perfect match.

Why are the tutors so brilliant?

All the tutors we work with have first-class academic backgrounds, and all of them have a degree or postgraduate degree in the subject they teach.

The tutors are also passionate about their subjects, and able to communicate this enthusiasm on a child’s level. This last point is so important – when praise and positivity comes from a ‘cool’ tutor a child’s eyes light up. It’s a key reason why private tuition is so successful.

Of course, when taking on tutors onto our register we employ all the usual safeguards like in-depth interviews, two references and DBS disclosure. But these are just safeguards; we either feel the magic in the room or we don’t work with them.

How we match them

The best tutor for your child may be a 23-year old Harrovian, a 30-year old Cambridge grad or a 60-year old dyslexia teacher.

If you already know the type of tutor you want, we can help you find them. Alternatively, by listening carefully to you and your child – and your child’s school if possible – we can advise you on the type of tutor who will work best.

We then provide a selection of possibilities from which you can pick the person you feel is right for your child.

Ultimately you make the choice, guided by us.

After the first lesson we also check in regularly. If the relationship is working, the tutor continues.

If for any reason the match isn’t perfect, we’ll start again.

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