Our office team is based in London. The service that tutors can offer depends on where you live.

Central London

If you live within central London (the area within the yellow line) a tutor will usually be able to come to your home to provide in-person tuition.


SLTA Areas we can serve

Within an hour or so of London

For families living outside central London, who still want access to a first class tutor, we recommend either working with a tutor online, or booking full or half-day tutorials. Many families choose to take a combination of in-person and online tuition, meeting the tutor several times through the course of tuition but with the majority of tuition being delivered online.

Rest of the UK

For families living outside easy commuting distance of London, we recommend residential tuition. In this way, the tutor stays with you for (or near you) for anything from a couple of days to several weeks. Residential tuition is an immersive and particularly effective way of learning; over the years, we have introduced tutors for hundreds of placements where they stay with a family for a series of weekends and half-terms.

Outside the UK

We introduce tutors to work all over the world. Please see our international section for more information.

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