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Simply Learning Tuition understands that your child’s education is precious. With the right support, we know that your son or daughter can be empowered to benefit fully from their education; reaching their full academic potential and growing into emotionally secure, happy and well-rounded young people. 

Since 2009, we have guided parents in every part of their child’s education. Our thorough understanding of the independent schools system means that we will ensure your child gets a place at the school that is right for them and where they will flourish. Part of this process involves understanding your family’s aspirations. Because the British school system is so competitive, it is likely that a second part will also include introducing private tutors, naturally of the highest calibre.

We hope that you really enjoy reading our website and in particular our, ‘Advice for Parents‘ section, which covers many of the key decision points. Because our relationship with every parent and child is unique, we encourage you to pick up the phone and speak with one of our friendly consultants to discuss how we can together give your son or daughter all the tools they need to succeed. 

Leading London Day Schools and many of the UK’s most prestigious boarding schools such as Uppingham and Oundle have pointed parents towards SLT. We are trusted not just to introduce tutors who will prepare new students to pass entrance exams, but to provide key skills and approaches to education which will allow them to thrive at these demanding schools. We are passionate about the benefits of carefully planned and expert one to one supplementary education.

Our founder Nathaniel McCullagh was a successful private tutor for 10 years, during which time he learnt that what children really need from a tutor is empathy, encouragement and space to learn in their own way.


Nathaniel McCullagh, Founder, Simply Learning Tuition

Nathaniel McCullagh, Founder, Simply Learning Tuition


“I am extremely proud that our team of consultants, and the tutors we work with have helped so many families reach their academic goals. As a tutor, I believed that many problems stem from a lack of confidence. The pressure to excel, illness or a learning difficulty (or even just dealing with the pressures of growing up) can reduce the child’s confidence so that they no longer enjoy school in general, or studying in particular. This can lead to frustration and behavioural problems. Individual tuition bridges this gap by getting to the root of the problem. Working together, the tutor and the child can re-build the child’s self esteem and restore their will to try again”.





As well as the academic essentials, we believe that the best tutors pass on essential life skills: including motivation, time management, organisation and self-confidence. They will help your children to see beyond their immediate frustrations, giving them the tools they need to succeed in exams and beyond. With school and university entry becoming increasingly competitive, a holistic approach that tackles all aspects of the child’s education is essential. Parents can get the best results from their child’s tutor by working closely with them.

We believe that the tutor’s job is to restore your child’s self-belief and quickly get them back on the track to academic success. They will also show them how assert themselves in class: to ask questions when they are interested and to seek help when they don’t know the answers. The tutor makes them realise that they already know much more than they are aware of and will show them how to apply that knowledge for maximum impact.

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