Social Responsibility

Our priority is to find the best way of getting your child from where they are now to where they want to be. At all times, we introduce tutors who work with integrity and strong ethical values. We also believe in adding value in a broader sense:

Zimbabwe Schools Programme

Over the past four years we’ve been working with the Zimbabwe Rural Schools Development Programme to provide education and support to children who really need it. As well as donating money, we hope to send a tutor in the Summer of 2016 to improve educational opportunities and build our international partnership. Promoting education around the world is something we care about deeply.

Thank you to Simply Learning Tuition for your support and generous donation of £1,000 to Zimbabwe Rural Schools Development Programme (ZRSDP).  This will go towards the building of teachers accommodation at one of our schools near Chidamoyo.  In the rural areas, where there is no electricity and rarely running water, retaining good teachers is extremely difficult.  In building suitable accommodation we are able to encourage and recruit teachers to give the pupils the education they deserve.  As one of the mothers of students from Makowe school said ‘In a time of no hope, thank you for giving us hope’.   If any of your students, parents or tutors wish to be involved with ZRSDP they can visit: or donate through BT Giving 

Thank you once again, 


James Herbertson

Please see our video for more details.

Community Development in South Asia

We support Shivia, a UK-based based charity who run social enterprises and training schemes to help lift the poorest communities out of poverty through employment and additional income. So far, they have helped 8,000 families to rise above the poverty line through microfinancing, agricultural technology and training. We are firm believers that education goes beyond the classroom, so we are proud to support a charity that develops life and business skills.

CRIS Cancer

Since 2012, we have been supporting the work of CRIS to fund research into Cancer treatment. Every year we donate tuition packages to help raise funds at the annual charity dinner. So far this has raised a total of £2,500.

Household Cavalry

We are currently setting up a partnership with the Household Cavalry Foundation to establish learning support for wounded soldiers. The foundation raises large sums of money for solders, much of which goes to reintegrating injured servicemen and women through education, training and pastoral support. We hope to introduce mature and experienced tutors to the organisation.


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