Are you looking for a London summer school, summer revision course, or a summer tutor? At Simply Learning Tuition, we can introduce you to the perfect match for your child.

The long summer holiday provides a welcome break from the packed schedule of term-time. Here are some of the most common reasons parents request tutors over the summer:

Academic Assessments are a great way of discovering exactly how well your child is performing in school. This then allows you to work out how you, or a tutor can address problem areas before the new school year begins.

Revision courses for national exams, such as the IB, GCSE or A-Level, or for retakes, or school entrance exams such as the 11+ and 13+. It can be a great idea to start revision in summer when your child’s schedule is less congested (provided of course that you still allow plenty of time for relaxation and switching off!).

School advice and consultations whether your child is considering changing junior school, senior school or university our consultants offer expert advice to help you find and secure admission to the school or university that is best for your child.

UCAS Clearing is a pressure point for IB and A-Level students who receive their final results over the summer. Our experienced consultants can help with every part of the cleaning, adjustment and application process.

Study Skills are another important area that parents can brush up on in the summer holidays. This is particularly helpful if your child is taking exams in the coming academic year, whether they are Common Entrance exams, GCSEs or A Levels. Summer is a great time to complete a course which develops time management, planning and exam technique skills that will be valuable throughout your child’s academic career.

Careers consultation is another important service that we offer. It is not just GCSE, IB and A Level students who are getting their results. If your child is graduating from university this year we can offer them superb careers advice to help them secure their perfect graduate job.

Boarding School Plus is a plan designed for children who are starting boarding school in September. The plan provides them with an experienced mentor who will guide them through the whole difficult process and help them to adjust to life away from home.

Please contact us if you think any of these would be of use to your child.

What can parents do?

There are plenty of things that parents can do over the summer to help with their children’s academics. In particular, we their input can help to reduce summer learning loss. Here are some other things that parents can work on with their children:

Researching schools is very helpful. This includes reading Ofsted reports, getting in contact with parents of current students and organising visits to view schools. It doesn’t matter if your child won’t be moving onto the next step in their education for a few years. It pays to get ahead and valuable relationships and contacts can be built in the intervening years.

Writing a list of priorities is a great way to focus your efforts in the right direction. This can be done in consultation with your child. Would you prefer boarding or day school? What subjects do they wish to focus on? How important is the provision of sports facilities? Would you prefer co-educational or not? There are so many options out there that knowing exactly what you want provides a great advantage when choosing schools.

Summer jobs are something that are often recommended for older children. Not only does it provide them with a little pocket money, it also gives them some CV boosting experience and teaches them important lessons about life in the workplace.

Thinking ahead is important. This does not mean pushing your child towards a particular university, school or career. Instead, it entails talking honestly about the future with them and encouraging them to think about which career and academic avenues they may wish to pursue and supporting and guiding them in their ambitions.

You will find lots more helpful advice on our Parent’s Page.