At Simply Learning Tuition, we love trying to answer your questions about all parts of the education arena. Like everything in life, please bear in mind that the following advice is as objective and universal as possible; but one size never fits all. Your individual circumstances may differ so please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss  your specific requirements in more detail.

General Advice

Here you can read about our homework tips for parents, how to prevent summer learning loss (and a description of what it actually is) with some useful suggestions for academically useful summer holiday activity. We also explain how to make learning a foreign language easier.

Working with Tutors

Parents often ask us what their part in the tuition process should be. Here, we suggest how to work out if your child actually needs a tutor or not, and why tutoring can be useful (and when it isn’t) We also suggest how to tell if you have the right tutor for your child, and dispel some popular myths about private tutors.  Finally, we give you an alternative view of the tuition process; from the tutor.

Accelerated Education

At Simply Learning Tuition, we are passionate about education. Here we share what we have learned about the benefits of a ‘slow education’ and the 21st Learning Skills of metacognition and resilience.  We examine why the Swedish and Finnish education systems continue to do so well and ask what we can learn from them. Finally, we suggest some SMART learning goals (applicable to parents as well!) and discuss how ‘parent power’ can make a terrific impact to a child’s learning.